Policy Exemption Requests

Exemption requests allow you to automatically submit review requests for keywords and ads that trigger policy violations.

This feature could be used, for example, when:

  • Your ad contains some punctuation that's generally considered unconventional, but that follows standards within your industry.
  • A keyword in your ad group contains medical terms, but you (or your users) believe your usage of the term adheres to Google Ads policies and warrants further review.

When you send a request to mutate (create & update) objects that have policy violations, the API will throw GoogleAdsError containing ErrorDetails back to you.

For policy violation-related errors, the ErrorDetails class will include details regarding those errors in policy_violation_details or policy_finding_details field, based on the types of objects you're trying to mutate:

Ads Keywords
Policy violation information stored in: policy_finding_details
(an instance of PolicyFindingDetails)
(an instance of PolicyViolationDetails)
GoogleAdsError.error_code value is an instance of: PolicyFindingError PolicyViolationError

Therefore, the steps for sending an exemption request will be different based on the types of objects and the error details that are returned:

Code examples

The ErrorHandling folder of each client library contains the following code example that shows how to use this feature: